Claire | Maternity

One of my highlights during Claire’s pregnancy was the day she called me and said she needed help setting up the baby closet. It was a surprise to assemble this before her man got back into town. How sweet is that?! She made it sound like it was too heavy for her and Isi to lift and put into place. I get to her house and half the kit was still in the box. Nothing had been assembled. But the tools were laid out in a thoughtful manner and the directions were propped up and ready for me to read. I still laugh thinking about what I walked into. Assembling a kit like this requires a type of patience that I try to avoid. But, I was willing to take on the task. Claire and Isi were able to help me. Three minds is better than one? After about four hours of assembling and a bit of trial & error, the closet shelving kit was finally installed. Is it safe for a child to hang from? Ehhhh…

Back to the photos.

I was quite busy the week we took these, but we managed to frolic through the woods behind my house and snap some moody photos. Merrick was the size of a pineapple, so documenting this stage was important.

Claire & Major | Gender Reveal

This was so much fun because Isi was the only one who knew if the smoke bomb would be blue or pink. I had tears coming down my cheeks as I snapped these photos and watched the blue smoke emerge from the canister. Claire & Major are naming their sweet baby MERRICK. It is such a blessing to witness the transformation Claire is going through during her pregnancy. She is an amazing mother already. I cannot wait to welcome baby Merrick into this world.