50th High School Reunion / Bothell, WA

This is my second year being hired as the photographer for a 50th High School Reunion. It has been such a fun experience, seeing people be reunited after 50 years have passed since their High School graduation. I like to pretend that I’m attending my own 50th reunion and pick out individuals who remind me of people from my High School class. Anyways, this class was amazing to work with. I felt so welcome at each event and loved getting to know them over the few days I had them posing for me. :-) There was a surprise guest appearance at the main event: BLUE THUNDER. Here are a few snippets of each day to share with you…bhs-2650 bhs-2383 bhs-2386 bhs-2399 bhs-2409 bhs-2443 bhs-2528 bhs-2590 bhs-2654 bhs-2705 bhs-2809 bhs-2980 bhs-3125 bhs-3176bhs-3101

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