Austin Jenckes & Rust On The Rails @ Mighty Tieton Warehouse / Tieton, WA

My first time to the little town of Tieton. This was such a fantastic event!

I’ve known Austin Jenckes since junior high. I used to listen to an old voice recording clip I recorded of him back when he did battle of the bands in Duvall. I would play it over and over because I loved the sound of his voice so much. He made his way onto The Voice (team Blake!) and is now touring around the country. To see him again after so many years was amazing. His voice is as beautiful as ever!

Rust On The Rails also played at this event. These guys are all so genuine and fun! I enjoy their music so much. My kind of music, my kind of crowd. I can’t wait to see them again at Chinook Fest this summer! Buy your tickets and come!!! :-)

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