Dad Inspiration

A day spent with this man is a priceless day. We are outdoorsy people and this is what blossomed from our recent outdoor adventure. Enjoy the music and enjoy the looooouud rivaaaa flowing oh so beautifully.

Trip To The South With The Fisher Bros

An adventure with my Dad & Uncle that I will always keep close to my heart. The South is lovely. Very thankful to have met so many beautiful people in our travels. dbash-8442 dbash-8459 dbash-8474 dbash-8495 dbash-8502 dbash-8504 dbash-8506 dbash-8508 dbash-8510 dbash-8515 dbash-8527 dbash-8656

Big Island / Hawaii

Recent vacation to visit my sister on the Big Island of Hawaii. Oh how I miss these beautiful moments already. <3

IMG-5611 IMG-5527 IMG-5553 IMG-5586 IMG-5624 IMG-5627 IMG-5638 IMG-5644 IMG-5646 IMG-5648 IMG-5653 IMG-5685 IMG-5687 IMG-5697 IMG-5700 IMG-5784 IMG-5767 IMG-5785 IMG-5792 IMG-5805 IMG-5802 IMG-5814 IMG-5801 IMG-5840 IMG-5841 IMG-5851 IMG-5854 IMG-5908 IMG-5909 IMG-5921 IMG-5941 IMG-5942 IMG-5947 IMG-5958 IMG-5978 IMG-6016 IMG-6093 IMG-6099 IMG-6107 IMG-6123 IMG-6124 IMG-6130 IMG-6131 IMG-6161 IMG-6198 IMG-6255 IMG-0010937 IMG-0011057 IMG-0031102 IMG-0031141 IMG-0041196 IMG-0051225 IMG-1157IMG-0051238 IMG-0051271 IMG-0071346 IMG-0081401-2 IMG-0081404 IMG-0081411 IMG-0081421 IMG-0081432-2 IMG-0081440 IMG-0081461 IMG-0203908 IMG-0203912