Charlotte // 2 Years Old

Thank you to the lovely Arboretum in Yakima, WA for lending it’s beauty to Charlotte & I for this photo adventure. Charlotte ran the show. I followed close behind, listening to her talk about skunks & squirrels. At one point, we were hand-in-hand, chasing the geese. She would squeal whenever they would open up their wings and start flapping. She is an animal lover, for sure. For the first half of our adventure, Charlotte refused to take off her “dress” aka her darling, pink blanket. These little things that children attach themselves to are so funny. I am so glad that she wore it! In conclusion, capturing the essence of Charlotte was truly a pleasure and so fun. Thank you, Joe, for being my assistant (he talked to parents while I ran around like a crazy lady with child & camera). ;-P

Charlotteleaves Charlotte1 Charlotte2 Charlotte3 Charlotte4 Light Charlotte5 Charlotte6  Charlotte8Charlotte7

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