Chinook Fest Summit / Snoqualmie Pass, WA

A little bit late in sharing these photos I took at Chinook Fest Summit. Snoqualmie Pass makes an excellent venue for a music festival. The weather had been so hot, so the cooler temperatures and bits of mist that greeted us were somewhat refreshing. I love the way the fog lingers around the mountain. This festival was so fun. So much talent on and off the stage. I am really looking forward to next years fest!
chinookfest-3653chinookfest-4113 chinookfest-4117 chinookfest-4123 chinookfest-4127 chinookfest-3778 chinookfest-3777 chinookfest-3768 chinookfest-3790 chinookfest-3661 chinookfest-3799 chinookfest-3804 chinookfest-3812 chinookfest-3822 chinookfest-3836 chinookfest-3932 chinookfest-3898 chinookfest-3877 chinookfest-3947 chinookfest-3975 chinookfest-3982 chinookfest-4000 chinookfest-4008 chinookfest-4015 chinookfest-4032 chinookfest-3967 chinookfest-4056 chinookfest-4087 chinookfest-4141 chinookfest-4143 chinookfest-4152 chinookfest-4178 chinookfest-4214 chinookfest-4206 chinookfest-4202 chinookfest-4219 chinookfest-4221 chinookfest-4237 chinookfest-4314 chinookfest-4302 chinookfest-4298 chinookfest-4301 chinookfest-4260 chinookfest-4346-2 chinookfest-4591 chinookfest-4443 chinookfest-4695 chinookfest-4709 chinookfest-3693 chinookfest-3725

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