Lala Bahari Sneak Peek / Yakima, WA

A sneak peek of photos for Lala Bahari. A clothing brand that is passionate about bettering the education in Africa. Clothing is made in Kenya. If you’re interested in purchasing anything Lala Bahari, contact me! It’s time that our consumption benefits someone other than just ourselves. Clothing that gives back! Be part of it.

lalabahari-5130 lalabahari-5134 lalabahari-6742 lalabahari-6745 lalabahari-6757 lalabahari-6761 lalabahari-6766 lalabahari-6775 lalabahari-6844 lalabahari-6865 lalabahari-6940 lalabahari-6953 lalabahari-6961 lalabahari-6965 lalabahari-6973 seattlealki-5744 seattlealki-5747

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