Long Overdue / Maui, Hawaii

Hozier’s full album. Because this is what I was listening to this entire vacation.
A long overdue share of my vacation to Maui in December 2014. I am so thankful to have visited Hawaii twice in 2014. I will never tire from visiting these islands of paradise.

We listened to the whales sing underwater. We practiced our mermaiding skills. We challenged our strength by free diving as far as we could. We searched for sea treasures. We paid respect to sleeping honu. We snorkeled, we dove. We hiked, we drove.

I love the ocean!



Hawaii-6545Hawaii-6546Hawaii-6559Hawaii-6552Hawaii-6594Hawaii-6584Hawaii-6601 Hawaii-6607Hawaii-6643 Hawaii-6639 Hawaii-6627 Hawaii-6626 Hawaii-6625Hawaii-0030 Hawaii-0043 Hawaii-0038 Hawaii-0036 Hawaii-0033 Hawaii-0029 Hawaii-0028 Hawaii-0025 Hawaii-141198Hawaii-141190Hawaii-141193Hawaii-141194Hawaii-141195 Hawaii-141192 Hawaii-2-3 Hawaii-191359 Hawaii-191355 Hawaii-191346 Hawaii-181338 Hawaii-181328 Hawaii-181326 Hawaii-181323 Hawaii-2 Hawaii-6 Hawaii-181306 Hawaii-181303 Hawaii-181293 Hawaii-181287 Hawaii-7180 Hawaii-7170 Hawaii-7150 Hawaii-7141 Hawaii- Hawaii-7116 Hawaii-7105 Hawaii-7102 Hawaii-7099 Hawaii-7082 Hawaii-7080 Hawaii-7072 Hawaii-7059-2 Hawaii-7052 Hawaii-7050 Hawaii-7006 Hawaii-6998 Hawaii-6985 Hawaii-6958 Hawaii-6966 Hawaii-6936 Hawaii-6918 Hawaii-6898 Hawaii-6895 Hawaii-6894 Hawaii-6888 Hawaii-6867Hawaii-7192 Hawaii-6855 Hawaii-6853 Hawaii-6837 Hawaii-6813 Hawaii-6788 Hawaii-6753 Hawaii-6751 Hawaii-6744 Hawaii-6739 Hawaii-6735 Hawaii-6734 Hawaii-6730 Hawaii-6722-2 Hawaii-6704 Hawaii-6689 Hawaii-6681-2 Hawaii-6670-3 Hawaii-6654Hawaii-161259Hawaii-161264 Hawaii-161258 Hawaii-161252 Hawaii-161245 Hawaii-161244 Hawaii-161243 Hawaii-161240 Hawaii-161227 Hawaii-161225 Hawaii-161222 Hawaii-161221 Hawaii-161220 Hawaii-161219 Hawaii-161209 Hawaii-161208Hawaii-7201Hawaii-6619 Hawaii-6620

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