Night Sky / Yakima, WA

I am no expert when it comes to photographing the stars or milky way. However, I would not mind becoming one. Trial&Error is my greatest teacher. This might be my one of my first attempts at capturing the night’s sky. There really is so much more than the eye can see! 12 AM and I was laying in the grass at our friend’s house, waiting for the northern lights to blossom and take over the beautiful sky. Didn’t happen for us here in good ol Yakima. BUT, time spent enjoying something that is not man-made, is time well spent. Always a beautiful reminder of how small we really are. And if you believe in something greater, then give thanks! We are so, so blessed with the natural beauty of this world. Cheers to many more nights of laying in the grass and watching the stars wiz by and maybe a decent capture of the night sky…

starrynight-2910 starrynight-2930 starrynight-2973

^View from the diving board.^

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