Rust On The Rails / Naches, WA

Rust On The Rails.

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Cody Beebe sings & plays acoustic 6 string guitar
Blake Noble plays 12-string acoustic percussive guitar & sings
Tim Snider plays violin and sings
Eric Miller plays acoustic bass
Scott Mercado plays drums & percussion

I am so thankful to have been invited to this event! After hearing so much praise about Rust On The Rails, seeing them perform live was such a treat. These guys are truly gifted and talented on so many levels. HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you download their album, learn the songs, and sing along with them at a live show. You will get up and dance for sure. I am really looking forward to their next live performance!

RustOnTheRails-7271RustOnTheRailsRustOnTheRails-7444RustOnTheRails-7261RustOnTheRails-7354 RustOnTheRails-7326 RustOnTheRails-7335 RustOnTheRails-7348 RustOnTheRails-7374RustOnTheRails-7448 RustOnTheRails-7456 RustOnTheRails-7504 RustOnTheRails-7506RustOnTheRails-7482

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